Putting Our Readers First: The End of Google Ads

The Big Decision

We all work for money.

You can love what you do, but at the end of the day, you do it for money or something in return.

Who says the contrary is a liar or billionaire. 

As content creators, we have to take decisions and try to find the perfect balance between the value we provide and what we expect from our audience.

So, after thinking about it I finally decided to take action and removed Google Ads from my Blog (pmtricks.net).

The Reason Behind

It's all about the user experience. 

You may have the best idea or product, but if the user experience isn't good, your product won't work. Google Ads made the user experience worst. 

I even tried these two actions:

  • Removing the ads from the homepage.
  • Decreasing the total amount of ads.

The results didn't work as expected. Lots of ads popping in. 


I recently read a quote that made me think:

"Great User Experience isn't a destination, it's a constant journey." 

- Elle Robertson

In my case, the destination is my blog but the journey is the navigation through its pages. And this is what matters.

When someone leaves your website, they should want to come back again soon. You'll only achieve this with an excellent user experience. 

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March 25, 2023


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