Boost Your Potential with The Coffee Break and Get a Free Notion Template!

Build Your Dreams

I recently read something I want to share with you today:

"If you don't build your dream. 

Someone will hire you to help build theirs."

- Tony Gaskins

To do so, you need first to define your dreams.

You can call it dreams, life objectives, personal goals... 

But these are the drivers that should guide you taking all the key decisions of your life.

If this exercise resonates with you, I will create a post sharing how I defined mines and the way they are guiding me in all the fields of my life. 

Just drop a comment below and let me know.

Boost Your Potential wit The Coffee Break and Get a Free Notion Template!

☕ The Coffee Break Newsletter Is Born

One of my life objectives is this one: Sharing knowledge with the others.

I'm proud to be able to list all the actions and decisions I took based on it:

  • Collaborating with La Salle in the Masters in Project Management.
  • Creating a Blog for sharing Management and Productivity tips.
  • Writing on Medium to share audience growth tips to make life easier to new writers.
It makes sense, isn't it?

I decided now going a bit further and I'm kicking off my Newsletter. 

It's called The Coffee Break.

I will be sharing not only management and productivity tips, but also personal thoughts that will provide value to the audience.

You can join me in The Coffee Break by following this link.

And This Is My Gift for You

As I write about productivity, I came up with the idea of sharing with you my Notes and Workbook Control Center in Notion. 

This is the template I use in my day to day and can be fully integrated with the PARA and GTD productivity systems.

If these concepts are new for you, stay tuned, I'll be writing about them in the coming weeks.

So, how to get the template? Easy, just click here, download and enjoy.

It will be available for a limited time, as a promo for The Coffee Break kick off.

Closing Comments

Sign up for The Coffee Break today, get your brand new Notion template and start unlocking your full potential.  

Join the community of professionals who are already feeling the boost.

See you in ☕ The Coffee Break!

Oscar Soto

February 05, 2023


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