I Hit the 1K on Medium! This Is the eBook You Needed When Joined Medium

Compiling All My Lessons Learned

Do you know that feeling when you're about to achieve something? 

Just one last step and you'll be there...

This was my feeling last 14th October when I saw the 999 number reflected on my followers counter.

I still remember the feeling when reached the 100 followers and was able to join the Medium Partner Program. 

It was a "Mission Accomplished" feeling mixed with "I did it good" and a bit of "Love my audience".

Few months later I'm reaching the 1,000 and the feeling is even bigger, as I had time to engage with some cool people here on Medium.

It has no price to be sure that when you'll publish something, someone will read and react to your work. 

At the moment I'm writing these lines I have a total of 1,044 followers and the numbers keeps increasing day by day.

So, please let me give you all a BIG THANK YOU for sharing with me this amazing writing journey.

Actionable Steps to Boost Your Followers on Medium 

This is the title of my new eBook. 

I could say I've learned A LOT during my Medium journey:

  • I managed to reach the 100 followers in a short period of time.
  • I'm earning some dollars every month thanks to the Medium Partner Program. You can check my evolution here.
  • I created 2 Publications on Medium. 
  • One of them is a Top 3 when searching for "followers" and "follow" keywords.
So, my one and only goal when writing this eBook was giving an answer to this question:
Which tips I would like to have known when I joined Medium?

How to Get It?

Really easy.

Visit this link and check it out. I named it "The Perfect Bundle for Medium Writers".

You'll receive the eBook called: "Actionable Steps to Boost Your Followers on Medium"

You'll also receive a stack of bonuses you can't miss (FOR FREE!):

  • The "Medium Stats Tracker" (value of 17€)
  • 2 weeks support after purchasing (value of 40€)

If any question, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or leave a comment here ;)

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October 25, 2022


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