Boosting Your Productivity With the Sacred Hours

This is a Game Changer Concept

Would you say you're as productive as possible? 

What if I give you the keys to go a bit further and become even more productive?

We all know that productivity and creativity are not always on their best performance. 

You may need to create a slide deck at work, or come up with an idea for solving an issue... but sometimes your ideas don't flow. 

It may be the case you have to write an article or create some content, but your creativity is not properly flowing.

Well, if any of the situations above sound familiar to you, you're in the right place, keep reading.

Explaining the concept

Have you heard about The Sacred Hours concept?

Yes, me neither... but the first time I read about it, my brain clicked and I started assessing all the advantages of putting it into practice.

Let's go first with the theory.

Sacred Hours are blocked hours where you are on your peak of productivity and creativity. 
It's important to raise that these Sacred Hours are not something improvised, they need to be planned and prepared. 
During these hours there'll be no distractions, no responsibilities... just stay focused.

How to identify your own Sacred Hours

As you may guess, your Sacred Hours are different than mines.

There're two questions you need to answer:

  • What time of day can I be least responsive?
  • What time of day am I most productive?

Your Sacred Hours are the ones in the intersection between these two times.

Bear in mind that to identify your Sacred Hours you may need to think and experiment. 

The ideal duration is a 2 hours block, with 1h at least to make it productive.

For example, my Sacred Hours are on weekdays from 7:30 to 9:00. This is the time between me leaving my kid in the school and kicking off my work schedule.

How to get the most of them

You'll have to fight to keep them. They are sacred because no matter what happen, it's your time to stay focused. 

Let me share with you some tips to get the most of your Sacred Hours:

  • Put you phone on airplane mode.
  • Move somewhere with little or no noise.
  • Use them to do highly creative, productive work instead of monotonous tasks.
  • Have an initial idea of the topic to work on. Do you need to create a Blog post? Do you need to solve something?

Final thoughts

I'm curious about what you'll be thinking about this concept. 

I personally see it as a routine with a lot of potential that, if implemented, can boost your productivity exponentially.

You may identify good synergies between your Sacred Hours and the 20/80 rule (Pareto Principle)… but this will come in the next episode :)

By the way, I wrote this post using my Sacred Hours.

September 20, 2022


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