Introducing a New Section: Medium Publications

Did you know you can generate passive income just by writing?

If you answer to my question is NO, don't worry, me neither :)

In November last year I launched this Blog (Project Management tips and tricks) with the main objective of sharing knowledge about Project Management. 

Right after I created my first post I started also to investigate about options for spreading it. Luckily I ended up finding an article about Medium platform. I found it really interesting and decided to keep investigating to know further about the platform itself.

What triggered my curiosity was the fact I could generate passive income just posting my content. So... why not giving a try? You can check my Medium profile here.

Introducing a New Section: Medium Publications

The challenges

The Medium Partner Program is what allows you to earn by writing on Medium. The only requirement for applying is just reaching the 100 followers on the platform.

So, I started publishing all my Project Management posts on my Blog ( and exporting them to Medium. I also started writing for sharing my journey through the Medium learning process.

It took me few months for reaching the 100 followers and finally managed to get subscribed to the Medium Partner Program on March 2022.

At the moment I'm writing these lines, I have 617 followers and this number increase almost in a daily basis. I think we could agree the strategy worked :)

These are the Publications I own

I'm currently owner and editor of two publication on Medium. 

The first one is called "Project Management tips and tricks" and has the objective of sharing knowledge about Project Management. I already shared most of these posts on my Blog (

The second one is called "How To Increase Your Followers Number" and it's all about tips for gaining followers on Medium. I started sharing my journey but it ended up being really useful and currently has 87 followers. We are also publishing posts from different Writers on the Medium Platform. 

So, I finally decided sharing my Medium profile here and also giving access to my Medium Publications. You can check them on the web menu on the right side of the Blog page (under "Medium Publications" section). If you find them useful, just follow them. Don't forget also to follow me on Medium. 

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June 27, 2022


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