New Project Management YouTube Channel

Why a YouTube channel?

When I created this Blog by end of last year, my one and only expectation was to share some good tips and tricks with the audience based in my experience. The point is that when I started writing and creating content, I found out that in some cases I needed additional resources (like video) to make it clearer.

After investigating, I finally concluded that YouTube videos are the best way to support this Blog, because of the following reasons:

  • It's easy to upload and add them to each post in this Blog.
  • YouTube videos can be shared in other platforms (like Medium, where I'm also publishing). Link here. 
  • YouTube videos can easily be tagged.

So, I finally created a YouTube Channel. I invite you all to visit, like and subscribe, so you'll be informed once new videos will be released.

Channel presentation

Project Management
May 09, 2022


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